Apparel Branding Services

We can provide  embroidery, screen printing, vinyl transfers and digital prints  to brand your products. Branding is one of the most vital requirements for your workplace and provides one of the most cost effective methods of advertising.

Please view our description of each method to get an idea of how each one works. Alternatively contact us with your logo and our staff can provide you with assistance in the most appropriate method for the material and quantity you are after.

Please view a description of the decoration methods below, by clicking the drop down menus.
Embroidery is the most professional and durable method of apparel decoration in comparison to all. We use polyester viscose rayon thread for all our embroidery items.

As price differs on each logo, due to the complexity and stitch count, we require to view your logo prior to quoting. Each embroidery logo requires a one-off digitising/setup fee of $35+gst, only applicable to your first order. This is to get your logo in to embroidery format for our Barudan Embroidery machines.

Minimum order quantity: 3 Units (the larger the quantity the more cost effective it does become)

Special Offer: We'll waive the one-off setup fee for initial orders over 100 Units, saving you $35 + gst.
Screen printing is the most cost effective method of apparel decoration on quantities over 50 units (depending on amount of colors). We can do quantities as low as 20 units.

Each color in your logo or design requires a separate screen, therefore each color will require a setup screen charge. Take note that if screen printing on dark garments, we always do a white base first then following by the color, this ensures the colors come out for vibrant, however it does also note that there is an additional screen setup for the base. Repeat orders do require the setup fee to be paid for (however our special offer is below)

Minimum order quantity: 20 Units, Most cost effective for quantities starting from 50 units.

Special Offer: Any repeat orders, screen setup is charged 50% off initial setup.
Direct to garment printing is a new service we can supply to our clients.

This is a more cost effective option for smaller runs for logos that have a wide range of colors. In laymans term, Direct to Garment printing is similar to printing on a piece of paper. The shirt runs through the printer and prints all colors in one go.

Once this has been printed, it will be sent through a commercial dryer to quickly dry the print.
Digital Prints or Digital Transfers are similar to vinyl prints. However the digital print is basically white vinyl which we print your design onto. We use this method for the more complex logos that won't be viable to be done on embroidery or screen printing. Also great for those who don't like embroidery on the back of the shirt.

They can be contoured cut around the logo (eg. if you have a round basketball, our machines can print and cut out the round basketball) and then applied onto the garment.

Minimum order quantity: 10 Units

Price is based on size of the logo as we work off material used. We do require you to send us through an email with your picture for a quotation. However, they are cost effective and durable for their application. One off setup fee $15 + gst per logo (no matter how small or large, this is only a one-off charge, not applicable to repeat orders).

Vinyl transfers is proving to be the most cost effective method for standard to semi complex logos or text. There is no minimum order quantity for vinyl transfers which makes it a bonus for small businesses.

They are limited to standard colors, however due to the increasing popularity of these, more colors are being released.

We have done reflective vinyl transfers for RTA contract workers, you make have seen the reflective prints on the back of jackets, shirts and vests 'AUTHORISED TRAFFIC CONTROLLER'.

We also use vinyl transfers of sports singlets, basketball jerseys, and basically anything it will adhere to.

As pricing does change/alter based on the design of your logo or text, we do require you to contact us with your text or design that you require.

Minimum order quantity: 1 Unit
We have the ability to provide singlets and polos with your teams names, custom names and player numbers.

Contact us for quotes on player number printing and jersey styles we have.